Women’s History Month-Celebrating Michelle Obama

It’s Women’s History Month and we’d like to acknowledge all of the extraordinary women who’ve helped to make the world a better place.


Generally, we think of the accomplished women who are out their doing amazing things in politics, entertainment, education, or corporate America.  However, we must first pay homage to the incredible women that often time were the catalyst for those successes.


Whether you scrubbed floors to pay your children’s (or husband’s) way through school, sacrificed your career so that your kids or husband could succeed, became the (aunt, grandmother, or foster/adoptive parent) that raised someone else’s child, or marched on Washington for our civil rights~ your contributions were not in vain….Your strength and selflessness has given us Joquin Castro, Michelle Obama, Jamie Foxx, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs. You are the backbone of the success in the world!