D-Panthenol and Biotin: A Power Packed Duo for Nail Growth (Part 3 of 3)

Think expensive manicures will ensure beautiful, healthy nails? Think again! The truth is that your nails, just like your hair and skin, require the proper nourishment to maintain their strength and luster.  So if you want to make sure that your fabulous mani doesn’t end up ruined because of cracked or chipped nails, start supplementing and/or purchasing beauty products with biotin and panthenol, which are vitamins from the Vitamin B Complex family.


The Stuff Nails are Made of!

Nails are made from keratin so they also thrive on protein just like your hair. Protein nourished nails are longer, stronger, and less likely to break.  The good news is that getting the right nail nourishment is as easy as supplementing or applying a biotin/panthenol packed nail strengthener to your beauty regimen.


Biotin and Panthenol –A Power Packed Duo for Nail Growth

Biotin (vitamin B7) aids in metabolizing fats to create cell energy and more importantly, biotin is greatly needed to produce keratin, which is a major component of your nails.  Keratin gives your nails both structure and strength, which are critical in terms of reducing breakage and chipping.  However, while keratin plays a major role in nail growth, it’s not the only component that is needed to sustain that growth, which is where panthenol comes into play.


Panthenol is a perfect ingredient to use to sustain healthy nails due to its naturally high affinity to keratin.  Because panthenol is a humectant, it attracts moisture to the nail bed, which ensures a balance of keratin (which is hard) and moisture (which is a softener) in your nail bed-think hair! Just like your hair needs both moisture and protein to sustain growth, so does your nails.  Panthenol quickly penetrates the nail bed and makes your nails more flexible and less rigid.  Flexible, less rigid nails translates to longer nails.


So, whether you’re supplementing with biotin or panthenol, eating foods that contain them, or just applying them topically, your nails will certainly benefit and you just might get another added benefit of saving money because your manis will last longer.


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