Vitamin D is What Your Body Needs!

One of the biggest health epidemics today is vitamin D deficiency; therefore, everyone should get …

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CUSH/Nappturalite Radio Show Recap: Transitioning from Permed to Natural Hair: The Dos and Don’ts for Preventing Dry Hair

This is┬áthe recap of our guest appearance on the Nappturalite Radio Show. The show was …

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The Beautitudes of Loving And Accepting Naturally Textured Hair

      Acceptance I give thanks and praise to my Father/Mother (Universe) from whom …

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Dandruff Caused by Scalp Eczema or Psoriasis: Why it Occurs and How to Treat It!

For some women itchy scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, which includes eczema and psoriasis, …

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