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Beautiful Hair Scientifically Speaking


Hydrating Low Porosity Hair: It’s all About the Energy Baby!-Technically Speaking

In the last article, “How to Hydrate Dry Hair Caused By High Porosity, we discussed …

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Monistat 7

Does the Miconazole Nitrate in Monistat 7 Actually Increase Hair Growth?

While perusing through youtube, I recently discovered many youtube videos regarding women using miconazole nitrate, …

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How to Correct Dry Hair Caused by High Porosity

If you suffer from dry hair, it’s because the hair system is not properly hydrated.  …

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Hennacolors CUSH Blog

The Mechanics of Henna Hair Colorant-Technically Speaking

The Origins of Henna Before I delve into mechanics of henna, I think it’s important …

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