Baby Steps to Greater Health



Hey y’all (this is how we southerners talk)!  It’s been a while since my last email.  This one is different in that the focus is on healthy eating habits that can help you live better and longer.  As some of you may know, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. And while I love making products for healthy hair and skin, I think it’s more important to get just as healthy on the inside.  So to help you begin your healthy journey, I’ll be sending out healthy eating tips on Wednesdays so be sure to visit CUSHblog or our Face Book page to stay current and win prizes from our online store.  Having said that, today, I want to talk about how to incorporate getting more veggies into your diet.


When I was younger, I never thought much about eating healthy-Primarily because I was naturally thin and never had to worry about weight.  However, after taking my first nutrition class at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned that eating healthy matters from the very beginning and more importantly, please don’t wait to eat healthy when you are faced with a health crisis.  An ounce of prevention REALLY is worth a pound of cure!


So if you’re like I was as a young 20 to 30 something year old with a care-free eating spirit-I encourage you to rethink your health strategy today!  At the end of the day, your 40 plus years will be here faster than you know….so eating the right foods can increase your chance of enjoying those years by continuing to do the things you love doing right now.  News Flash! There are a lot of sick, suffering people in the 40 plus range.  Think about it for a minute,  if 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30-Don’t you want to be able to keep on doing you? Of course you do.  So where do you start?


You can get on the path to better health by incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet.  There are a lot of diets out there that people continue to try; yet end up failing.  So rather than trying to change your eating habits overnight, just take baby steps.  Here are a two simple suggestions to get you started:
  1. Pick one day of the week where you commit to eating vegetarian the whole day and don’t let anything or anyone break that commitment or,
  2. Pick one meal out of the day that you’ll commit to eating vegetarian


See-That’s so simple-right?  Start there and then increase the amount of vegetable meals you eat to once or twice a month.   Before you know it, you’ll be eating this way every week and ultimately, you’ll get to the point where you have a diet that consists of eating mostly vegetables. If your goal is to be a vegetarian then BOOM-You’re there!


It can’t get anymore simple than that so why not start with your next meal!  Hey, sometimes you have to just take the plunge and go for it.  So join me…together we can reach healthy weight and health goal and start living better.


If you’re with me, circle back and let me know what you ate.   And, if you’re really about that life and actually cooked the meal yourself-then you get bragging rights. Post a picture of you with your dish and/or recipe on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #prettyinsideandoutwithcush. We’ll have a weekly drawing and give one lucky winner a reward from our online store.  Now THAT’S worth eating your veggies.


Can’t wait to see your photos!