February 4, 2013

How to up Your Vitamin D Levels and Reclaim Your Health

How to get Vitamin D if Sun is not an Option

So what if you are not the sun loving type? Here is where we get the benefit of vitamin D as an actual vitamin.  There are many vitamin D rich foods that you can consume to meet your needs. Here’s a quick chart, courtesy of The Dietary Supplements National Institutes of Health, to help you plan your daily meals and manage your vitamin D intake.




But, before you get too excited about eating your way to higher vitamin D levels,  you should also be mindful that many people suffer from mal-absorption. When you suffer from mal-absorption, your digestive system is unable to digest and absorb the nutrition that’s in the food so you would not be able to benefit from eating the food. Therefore, you still might need a good Vitamin D supplement, or you could also use a vitamin D spray.


Vitamin D3 or Vitamin D2: What is the Answer?

When it comes to taking vitamins, you should always by whole vitamins and the same rules apply to vitamin D.   Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) is a synthetic form of vitamin D and was produced in the early 1920 through ultra violet exposure of foods.  Research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that it is inferior to vitamin D 3, which is usually derived from an animal source.  


How Much Vitamin D3 Should You Take Daily?

Here is another quick reference chart to help you decided how much to take. Please note that you should initially only take the daily requirements based on the assumption that your levels are normal.  Once you get your levels checked and find out what your true level is, you can adjust your intake accordingly.


This Chart Displays Your Levels and What The Numbers Represent





The two Charts Below Serve as a Guide to Supplementation Dosage


They both say basically the same thing, however the first chart helps you get to your desired level once you know what your numbers are.




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