January 22, 2013

Say No to Antibiotics and Yes Garlic Ear Drops for Middle Ear Infections

Middle ear infections are quite common and can range from being a slight annoyance to a major problem that could result in a child getting tubes placed in his ear.  Since I have 3 children, I am more than familiar with the fevers and sleepless nights caused by horrible ear pain.  And like many moms, my initial thoughts around treatment were to consult a physician and give my children the routinely prescribed antibiotics.  Now of course, as a new mother, I played it safe and did just that-happily administered the antibiotics until one day I learned about a treatment that made me look at ear infections totally different. I was not afraid of them anymore.


Ayurvedic Medicine in a Modern World


I attended the Instititute for Integrative Nutrition, which is a nutrition school in New York, and every weekend we would here lectures from some of the most amazing nutritionists and medical doctors in the world.   I was pretty familiar with most of them, but there was one that stood out from the rest in that he was speaking about medicinal healing from India, which really intrigued me. His name was Dr. John Douillard and he had written the book,  “Perfect Health for Kids: 10 Ayurvedic Health Secrets Every Parent Must Know.”  John talked about different healing remedies, but the one that caught my ear was on middle ear infections.  John stated that treating middle ear infections was as simple as dropping a few garlic oil drops in a child’s ear and voila-they were healed.  Like, how wild and cool is that-Garlic ear drops in the ear?  Anyway, I filed it away and said that one day I would give it a try. Umm…..Yeah…sure!  I thought as I shook off that crazy idea and prepared for the next lecture.


Dooms Day Arrives


About two months later, my then, one year old gets and infection, which was so bad that we had to give him a shot of antibiotics.  Furthermore, to add insult to injury, he got another ear infection two weeks later and it was just as bad.  At 3:00 in the morning the doctor gave us an order to got the nearest 24 hour pharmacy to start  administering the antibiotics immediately.  But this time, I said no (as my mother gave me a scared side-eyed look).  It was during this critical time that I had a moment of clarity (or insanity according to my mother) and decided to try the garlic ear drops that I previously purchased for the first ear infection but was too afraid to try.


The Big Garlic Ear Drop Experiment


I took my toddler home and put a few drops of garlic oil in his ear and prayed real hard that I had not just permanently harmed my child.  I gave him fever/pain reducing medicine and put him to bed.  That morning when I awakened, I thought that I would find an extremely feverish boy with bright red ears, but instead, I found a baby that was sleeping peacefully and fever free.   Wow, the garlic ear drops really did work so needless to say, I have been using them ever since.   I must thank John Douillard if I should every have the pleasure of sitting in on one of his lectures again,b ut more importantly, the next time your child starts tugging at her ears, you just might want to go for the garlic ear drops first and marvel at how amazing this little herb is at fighting bacterial and viral ear infections.


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